Building strong recipricol and trusting relationships with your colleagues is essential to your success as a therapist.


Did you know that your colleagues will refer more clients to you then any other referral source?


That's good news because you can't underestimate  the value of a referral given to a client by a trusted source. Clients will always choose a referral given to them by their doctor, therapist or counselor over  searching the internet for someone they don't know. Building trusting  and recipriocal relationships with your colleagues is vital to creating a thriving private practice.


irefer.net  is not only a way for therapists, doctors, counselors and coaches to grow their practice faster; but it also connects clients with trusted and vetted professionals quickly so they can get the help they need sooner.


irefer.net is commited to creating simple and effective tools that help therapists spend their time where they should:  focusing on clients.